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Dismiss your k-12, summer camp, daycare or after-school program with an app. 

Simple and affordable school dismissal

It’s time for a smarter carpool.

Beeline is a smart school dismissal system that simplifies after-school pickups by automatically showing which drivers are waiting outside and which drivers are soon to arrive, giving your school the ability to dismiss kids in a safer and more timely manner.

Carpool Drivers

Our optional hands-free driver app detects when each driver is nearby your school and automatically notifies you when the driver arrives in line during pickup time.

Carpool Staff

The Staff app provides teachers with a real-time list of drivers in the cars they are standing near to help them make sure all cars and kids are accounted for.


The classroom display allows teachers and students to see which kids have parents arriving at school and which kids should be packing up and preparing to leave.

Thank you and your team for this amazing app that gets our students to their vehicles safely and quickly.

 — Brittany Long, Sterling Montessori          Academy and Charter School

Free carpool dismissal with no commitment.

Beeline can be used for free with up to 15 kids for as long as you like — Just download the app and get started!  This also allows most schools to quickly test the system with an afterschool program or a single classroom.


To try Beeline for free with a student body larger than 15 kids, please use the button below to request a free demo and let us know you want a trial period.  Once you decide Beeline is right for you, a yearly subscription including unlimited kids is just $299.00 per school.


Beeline helps your staff manage drivers.

When your staff are outside working the carpool line, Beeline can automatically detect and display any Beeline drivers within approximately 50 feet. Staff can see details for each scheduled driver, and kid, allowing for a more efficient and less chaotic pickup for everyone.

A real-time list of cars in line   


Ability to mark pickups as complete



Staff apps work with iPads or iPhones

Works with existing hanger tag numbers

The Beeline classroom dismissal view is a simple HTML page. That means you can dismiss from nearly anywhere you can view the web.


Once carpool has started, any time a registered driver arrives or is checked in by any carpool worker, Beeline can show teachers and kids when it’s time to go.

Dismiss kids directly from the classroom.


Hands-free to help make school carpool safer.

Access up-to-date pickup schedules


Optional alerts for completed pickups


Drivers aren’t required to tap buttons

Parents can quickly review schedules, see pickup details and even know when pickups are completed by shared drivers.


And since Beeline never requires driver interaction, drivers in your school pickup line can focus on driving while complying with hands-free phone laws (in states where required). Less driver distraction creates a safer pickup line for your students and carpool staff.


Try the Beeline school dismissal system for free!

Beeline requires no special equipment to set up, works with existing hanger tag systems, and the teachers at your school can download Beeline to the iPhones or iPads they already use every day.


Get the app today to try Beeline for free with up to 15 kids for as long as you like, or contact us to request a larger trial or demo.


Fewer than 15 kids: FREE

More than 15 kids: $299.00 / year (per location) 


Let's talk about your school’s carpool line.

We’d love to discuss how your pickup line currently works so we can help you determine if what we offer is the best fit for your school.

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