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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does Beeline work?

A: When the driver’s app recognizes it has entered the pickup zone, Beeline automatically notifies the appropriate classroom(s) so the kid(s) expecting that driver can move to the car.

Q: How does Beeline know I’m in line?
The beeline app installed on your phone detects signals located at the pickup zone of your school. When your phone is close enough to detect the signal, it tells the Beeline app that you have arrived.

Q: Will Beeline drain my battery?
Not any more than any other app. Beeline uses Apple's and Google's recommended methods for the most efficient possible use of your battery.

Q: Does Beeline track my location?

A: No. Beeline doesn’t use, transmit, share, or store your exact location in any way. The Beeline app detects when it comes within range of a signal at the pickup location. Beeline also does not allow any school or advertiser to use, transmit, share or store your location via any system we control. Beeline believes your privacy is extremely important, and we always try to work in a manner that values user safety and privacy.

Q: I received an alert that says "Beeline has been using my location in the background". If Beeline doesn't track me, why did I see this?

A: Beeline uses technology called "geofences" and "beacons" to determine if you are within the school pick up area. Apple and Google require background location for these features to function. The Beeline app will not function if this feature is turned off. However, Beeline never uses background location to track, transmit, share, or store your exact location.

Q: Do I have to use the app while driving?

A: No! Beeline works without any need to interact with your phone while driving.

Q: What if I don't have a smart phone or can't use the app?

A: Drivers who choose not to use Beeline will still be able to pick up their kids, but the process may be different and wait times in line may be longer for those drivers. If you are unable to use Beeline or choose not to use it, please contact your school and ask about the exact process to follow during school dismissal and pick up.

Q: Can other drivers pick up my kids?

A: Yes. Your Beeline account is a family account. Simply share your credentials with anyone you would like to be able to pick up your kids. You’ll even be able to use the app to check and see if your kids have been picked up!

Q: Does Beeline need to be installed on my kid's phone?

A: No. Beeline only needs to be installed on the phones of drivers who will be picking up your kid(s). The school has its own Beeline app for communicating with students when you have arrived for pick up.

Q: I'm a parent at a school, can I use Beeline if my school doesn't?

A: At this time, Beeline needs to be set up by your school. We recommend you reach out to us with the contact information of the person who runs your school dismissal line, carpool or end of day pick up. Alternatively, you can discuss our system with them and have them contact us for details.

Q: How can I get Beeline at my school?

A: Send us a note and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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