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The best free hang tags for your school carpool

Numbered tags hanging on the driver's rear-view mirror can give your carpool line staff a better picture of which drivers are in the carpool line, but sourcing a custom set of carpool hang tags can can be expensive. With some vendors charging several dollars per hang tag, the expense can add up quickly if you have a school with hundreds of kids.

Recently, we did some research to find the best and most affordable options for schools who have a limited budget who also want to use carpool hang tags. Here are the options we found:

1. Print your own tags with paper or card-stock

To make sure everyone has an option to make custom easy to read hang tags without breaking the bank, we designed a free car hang tag template you can use with any carpool system.

Our template has editable car numbers sized to be easy to read from a distance. Learn more about this template and see options for how best to configure it for your school needs.

2. Get professional sponsored hang tags for free

We only found one company that makes great professional quality hang tags and does it for you for free - Pick up pass.

The team at Pick Up pass works with sponsors in your area to provide your school with professionally manufactured free car hang tags that include your school logo.

The best part of Pick Up Pass is that just by adding fundraising or advertising to the backs of your school's carpool hang tags you can potentially turn the expense of carpool into a source of revenue for your school, how sweet is that?

3. Re-purpose any older tags you may have

There is a chance your school may already have a set of hang tags from a different carpool management system used in a previous year. We designed Beeline to work with any hang tag numbering system, so there is no need to buy new, just plug in the old tag numbers and go!

4. If you're in a pinch, just use state license plate numbers

This is more of a life hack than a hang tag solution, but we wanted you to know we designed Beeline to accept up to ten alphanumeric characters so you can use the number and letter combinations found on state license plates to identify drivers in the Beeline Curbside app.


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