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A more orderly carpool

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Updates to Beeline are rolling out! Along with a few bug fixes required to keep Beeline running smoothly, we're changing some of the ways that the app works to make sure it works better for more carpools based on the great feedback that we've received from all of you this past year.

Carpool line workers can now elevate drivers who are closer to the front of the carpool line.

And of course, we've worked hard to make sure this change feels as seamless as possible so that it doesn't mess up any dismissal process already in place.

When should I expect these changes to go live?

The changes impact all the different pieces of Beeline and will start rolling out as soon as Friday, July 8th.

What happens if I have problems?

Let us know! We pride ourselves on responding as soon as possible to every request.

Here are the key changes and how they might affect your carpool:
  1. "Checked in" has been renamed to "Queued" and now only includes those drivers that your carpool line worked have decided to add to the queue, allowing you complete control over the drivers included in the front of the line.

  2. Geofence triggers that automatically check drivers in will now place drivers below anyone on the list whom your carpool staff have added to the queue. This still registers those arriving drivers, but allows for better managing the chaos when too many drivers arrive at once. Teachers can elevate drivers to the primary list with a tap,

  3. Drivers checking themselves in manually via the "I'm in line" button will now see a validation step to confirm they are at the school. This helps manage over-anxious parents who want to check in from miles away and should make the list of drivers shorter and more manageable.

  4. Previously, all drivers who used systems to check themselves in appeared in the same place as those drivers checked in by carpool line workers. Since they will now appear in the lower half of the screen, teachers in your classrooms may need to adjust to this.

There are a few dozen or so more changes included in this upcoming build, but these are the ones that might have the most impact on your carpool, so we wanted to make sure we called them out!

Beeline now confirms location for Drivers who try to check themselves in from far away.

Parents should find the app works almost exactly as it always has and teachers should find Beeline much easier to use.

The net-net is that your dismissal should run more smoothly, with parents at the front of the queue now appearing at the front of the pickup list in the app and at the top of the classroom.

If you aren't using Beeline yet, we've also improved the help and onboarding in the Beeline Administrator app, making signing up easier than ever.


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