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Free carpool management?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Getting approval for funding new software without knowing ahead of time what the benefits will be can be can be a challenge at most schools.

Sometimes the obstacles to finding funding is so difficult to overcome that teachers, small schools or daycare centers might even have to resort to using personal funds or forgoing solving their carpool problem altogether. We don't think that's how things should work.

That's why we offer Beeline for free when used for 15 or fewer kids.

Where do I start?

Easy, Download the Beeline Administrator app now and create an account. The app includes the Beeline FREE plan by default. You don't have to do anything to enable or activate it!

And if later, you decide to use the app for more than 15 kids, you can upgrade your account inside the app at any time.


Free plan Q&A

Is there a catch?

Nope. No catch. But whether you decide to use the free program or not, we'd appreciate if you share something about us on social media, group chats or other places where other educators who might be interested in using Beeline might see it. Spreading by word of mouth helps us reach other schools without paying for ads or other promotions.

If my school has more than 15 kids, is there a way I can test Beeline for free?

We're also continuing the one month free trial period on any new subscription. The trial plan includes a free month of Beeline at the start of a new subscription. If you cancel the subscription during that first month, your account will again be limited to 15 kids and there will be no charge or billing.

How long with the free plan be supported?

We plan on continuing the free plan indefinitely. If we receive overwhelming demand for the free product we may need to modify or stop offering this plan in the future. If we do make a change to this plan, we'll publish our intentions ahead of time so you'll know what to expect.


No matter how you plan on using Beeline, reach out to us if you need any help getting set up. We're always glad to help.

Know someone who could use free carpool line management? Help us spread the word with a like or share.


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