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Test Beeline free and with no commitment.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

To help you better get a sense of whether Beeline is the best solution for you, we've made it super easy to download, set up and test out a live Beeline carpool at your school.

We also provide a downloadable testing guide you can use to plan your test and we're available for free consultation and demo sessions when needed. We want you to be successful and we're here to help.

Follow the steps below to test Beeline at your location:


  1. Download the Beeline testing guide, it will walk you through the steps you'll need to follow.

  2. Download the Beeline Administrator app and set up your school. If you need a guide, you'll find our quick start guide for the Admin app here.

  3. Create one or two "Staff" accounts for any teachers at your school who will be helping you. Staff are the teachers, volunteers, or other delegates involved in any way with carpool or dismissal of kids at your school. Staff will be dismissing kids and checking in cars or confirming hand-offs. Decide which roles each of your staff will play.

  4. Create "Kids" for your drivers to pretend to pick up. Kids don't need accounts, but they do need to exist in the Beeline system for you to run a carpool.

  5. Create "Driver" accounts for anyone who will pretend to be a parent or other person who is driving to pick up kids in your mock carpool. You only need one or two accounts to test. Make sure that each driver you are testing with has at least one kid assigned to them.

  6. Make sure that each kid is assigned to be dismissed by the teacher who will be running the Classroom app to dismiss kids. Kids need to be assigned to show up for dismissal.

  7. Use the Beeline Administrator app to schedule a carpool time, date and duration. For example, a carpool that starts at 3:00, Sept. 25th lasting one hour. You'll run your test within the time window you schedule. Later, when using the app for real carpools, you can use repetition rules to set up carpools that repeat for weeks or months at a time.

  8. Make sure all staff members and drivers have been invited to use Beeline and have properly installed the app(s) they will be using.

Run your test:

  1. Decide which of your staff members will use the Classroom app to dismiss students. Have those staff log in, choose their view and wait for kids to show up.

  2. Decide which of your staff will use the Curbside app to check in cars or confirm hand-offs.

  3. On the day of your mock carpool, make sure your drivers start from somewhere far away from your school. Beeline uses "geofences" or imaginary lines drawn around your school to determine who is nearby, so your drivers will need to star outside this area.

  4. When the carpool start time is reached, have your drivers driver towards the school.

If you need any help getting set up, for testing or would prefer a demo or Q&A session instead of running any hands-on tests, we're available, just reach out through our contact page.


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