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Adding a bus to Beeline

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Good news... It's easy to use Beeline to manage bus riders!

Beeline can be used to send dismissal information to your classroom when each bus is ready to load. Giving your bus drivers or dismissal staff the ability to control how and when each group of kids is released from class to move towards the bus area.

There are some minor differences in how your bus drivers will use the Beeline for drivers app, but they will use the same app parents or other drivers use, making it really easy to implement.

Follow these four steps to get your bus drivers set up:

  1. Set up a driver account for each bus driver, just like you would for any other parent or driver in carpool.

  2. Add any bus-specific information to the "carpool number" field, for example: Using BUS123 or B123 as a carpool number can help you instantly distinguish the buses from other drivers in your list and keeps entry easy.

  3. You can use the first and last name fields for the name of the bus itself if the driver of that bus changes regularly. The first and last name fields can contain up to 20 characters each, allowing you flexibility with bus-specific naming.

  4. You can assign the kids who will be riding each bus to the bus driver just as you would with any other driver and there is no limit to the number of kids that can be added.

For busses, turn OFF location and Bluetooth

Unlike parents or other drivers, your bus drivers will probably want to leave location and Bluetooth OFF.

Leaving location and Bluetooth off and keeping things manual allows the driver of the bus or the staff member using the Beeline Curbside app to indicate exactly when each bus is ready to load instead of automatically sending that notice when the bus is detected or arrives on your lot.

After each bus driver completes their route, they can also use the hand off confirmation feature to indicate all kids have been dropped off successfully, letting the school know the route is complete without the driver needing to call in.

Beeline is an adaptable system that allows virtually unlimited kids in each vehicle. This support doesn't just help you incorporate busses, it also means parents can use larger carpool vans, multi-family carpools and family trucksters of all sizes as well.

If you ever feel you are having trouble solving your exact carpool needs using Beeline, give us a shout, we can help you figure out the best solution.


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