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Setting Up Your School in Beeline

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

This post is to help new schools get started using the Beeline Administrator app, a subscription product used by schools to create and manage Beeline carpools. If you are an administrator, teacher, or carpool manager at a school or other institution, you can get your school up and running in Beeline in just a few minutes.

Once you have set up your school and created your own account you can then create and distribute accounts to other members of your carpool team.

1 - Download the app

Start by downloading the Beeline Beeline Administrator app to your iPad. Beeline Administrator will also run on an iPhone, but we find the additional space provided by an iPad screen can make the app easier to use.

2 - Get the quick start guide

Open the Beeline quick start guide and keep it handy while you set up your school. This guide will walk you through the initial school setup process and how to add additional staff members, drivers and kids as well as the schedule for your carpool.

3 - Run some mock carpool tests

Once your school and your account are set up, you can also use this guide to help you run some mock carpool tests at your location so you can confirm whether Beeline is a good fit for your school.

We've tried as hard as we can to make sure our software is simple to use, but we also know that learning new software can be difficult, especially when you have so many other important problems to tackle such as those faced by teachers nowadays. We hope the Beeline quick start guide helps you better understand the product, but if you need any assistance at all, just reach out to us.


IF YOU ARE a teacher or staff member at a school, and


THEN go to the person who set up your school -- they can give you login.


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