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Getting staff started with Beeline Curbside

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

NOTE: To use the Beeline Curbside app, members of your school will need a staff account registered with your school in the Beeline Administrator app. We offer a 30 day free trial period if you would like to test out Beeline at your school.


Beeline Curbside helps your staff ensure drivers are checked in to your carpool line quickly and easily.

Use the Curbside quick start guide which contains all they need to know to:

How does Curbside work?

  • Beeline Curbside uses location services on the staff member devices and driver devices to detect and automatically enter drivers during a carpool. This all happens without anyone pushing a button!

  • Beeline Curbside provides tools for the staff member to manually enter a driver car hanger tag number, license plate number, or another identifier you specify for when a driver has limited cell coverage, chooses not to use Beeline, or otherwise can't use Beeline for some reason.

Especially during these times of social distancing and safety, we're proud to offer a service that can make life a little easier for the staff, teachers, or other volunteers who take care of the kids in your carpool line.

If you already have a Beeline account, get your staff started using Beeline Curbside today with this Beeline Curbside quick start guide. If you need any help, just Just give us a shout and we can walk you through how Beeline Curbside works or provide a quick demo!


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