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Do you have ideas for improving Beeline?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We love to hear ideas from the community about ways we can improve the Beeline suite of applications. If you have ideas that can help make Beeline better or easier to use, if you are having trouble, or if anything at all is preventing you from using Beeline at your location, we want to hear from you!

Our mission is to make the best, most affordable school carpool system available and we think your suggestions can help us do that, so here are a couple of ways to let us know what you're thinking:

  1. Send us an email! It's quick, easy and we do our best to get back with everyone ASAP.

  2. Ask us about our Beta program. We are constantly upgrading the Beeline system and apps. If you want a preview of what's coming, becoming a beta tester is a great way to help and to see what's coming just around the corner.

  3. Add a comment on this article. We'll still see it and other users might just add some good ideas of their own on how your idea can improve their experience.

We always hope everyone enjoys using Beeline, but changing carpool is hard, so we're sure that we probably haven't thought of every circumstance or situation that exists. This is especially true now, with COVID-19 and the resulting unpredictable and ever-changing state rules and regulations that make 2020 so darned challenging.

We appreciate good ideas, but we appreciate critical feedback the most, so if you want to complain, don't hold back! You aren't going to hurt our feelings and our response will probably be to ask you for an opinion on how we should fix things.



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