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Add kids fast with a batch upload!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We've made it super easy to add new kids into Beeline, but we know that a roster of hundreds or even over a thousand kids can be daunting and we realize that data entry for any large group can be time consuming.

If one of your concerns is how you'll get all of your school data entered, we have a batch entry process that can be used to upload your whole roster at once.

How do I get started?

If you want to import your data instead of entering it manually, you'll need to work with our team.

Contact us directly and we'll work with you to let you know which data to include, in what order to include it, and also in which format the final files need to be created.

You can get the process started by sending us a quick note and let us know you're interested.

Can I batch upload the data myself?

Not yet. We're working on a tool to allow you to upload the data in your school via a batch process directly via your browser, but it's not ready yet. If you want to provide ideas or feedback that can help us better determine everything this tool should do or how it should work, just let us know when you send in your request.

What about photos?

Batching images is not yet possible since it takes a lot of work and effort to associate each photo with the correct user. To help make this process easier for everybody, we've made sure that the users themselves can add their own images through the selfie cameras on their phone, and that your staff can easily snap a picture of any kid or driver so that photos can be added easily and at any time.

For photo entry, we've found the following processes work best:

  1. If you choose to implement the Driver app at your school, encourage drivers to add their own profile pic when they download and log in. It's easy and fast.

  2. On the first day of carpool when your staff members are checking in cars, have them take a few seconds extra on each car to use the Curbside app to make sure each kid and driver have a correct photo in the system. The great thing about letting staff enter photos on the first full carpool day is that the staff will be taking photos that more accurately represent what drivers look like while sitting in their cars and what kids look like when getting ready to leave.

No matter what size your school might be, we're working to make sure that adding your kids, drivers and teachers into Beeline as easy as possible. Reach out and let us know you'd like to use Beeline today.


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