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What about parents who can't or don't want to use the driver app?

Beeline is an app-based carpool solution that helps parents automatically check in to carpool.

But, as with any app, there may be some parents who might prefer not to install a new app on their phone, or who who might have a phone that is too old or has poor cellular reception near your school. These parents may be unable to install or effectively use an app at your school pick up zone. That's why we built Beeline Curbside.

The best way to incorporate any parents who can’t or do not wish to install or use an app is to make sure those parents display a hang-tag so that your curbside workers can manually enter them into carpool by using Beeline Curbside.

Is using Curbside difficult or time consuming?

It's super easy and really quick! In fact, depending on how you set up your car number system, entering a car into carpool using Beeline is as easy as typing 123!

The Curbside interface is streamlined to allow for quick car number entry, with an easy to use entry field configurable to nearly any car numbering system and quick buttons for the actions your car line workers will need when working carpool.

To make things easier on your carpool line workers, we suggest using hang tags that are a different color to better identify drivers who don't use the app from a distance. For example, if you are using our printed template, just switch colors of paper when you print, using something like white paper for regular drivers and a yellow or blue for drivers who need to be manually checked in.

If you already have a Beeline account, get your staff started using Beeline Curbside today with this Beeline Curbside quick start guide.

If you need any help, just Just give us a shout and we can walk you through how Beeline Curbside works or provide a quick demo!

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